• AnneP-FannetasticFood
    fANNEtastic Food Nutrition Highlights of Interest

    Hi friends! I’ll be back with recent fitness/food adventures tomorrow, but for now, a couple things of note. 1) It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

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  • Healthy Happy Life
    Healthy Happy Life I’m Having a Moment.

    I am having a moment. A cookbook kind of moment. A wow-this-is-all-really-real moment. A moment I had to share with you guys. So I captured it on film! Like any good blogger :) Check it out!..

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  • carrots n cake
    Carrots n Cake Our Trip to Seattle

    Ok, let’s start from the beginning! Our little family flew to Seattle to visit Mal’s sister and her husband for a few days during Mal’s school vacation.

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  • Slightly off kilter
    slightly off kilter Oatmeal Berry Bake

    We all have heard time and again what an important meal Breakfast is… and on the weekends, that’s when my breakfasts really shine…ok, so they are more like brunch because when I CA

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  • Insightsbyapril
    Insights By April Staying Healthy and Staying Free #StayFree

    Staying healthy is one of my goals this year. I struggle with it on a daily basis, but am doing what I can by eating better, getting  more exercise and simplifying my life as much as possible.

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