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All the evidence underscores the importance of eating breakfast. Those who eat breakfast boost their metabolism for the rest of the day, lower their risk of developing insulin resistance, are less likely to be obese and even increase their memory recall. But folks, don’t go overboard. We said breakfast — not breakfeast!

A new study done at the University of Buffalo found that big fatty breakfasts trigger the release of inflammatory chemicals associated with clogged arteries. Subjects were tested after eating McDonald’s Egg McMuffin and Sausage McMuffin plus hash browns, which sent their levels of free radicals and C-reactive protein through the roof. The inflammatory factors were still high several hours after breakfast, when most people begin thinking about lunch.

Don’t let your petit dejeuner turn into a pig out session. Steer clear of fried and baked goods, and reach for whole fruits, multigrain cereals, egg white omelets and our favorite — smoothies — instead. See our featured recipe for a creamy and delicious Banana Orange Smoothie.

Published May 17, 2004

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