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Pineapple, Kiwis, Strawberries May Fight Wrinkles

The secret to a glowing complexion may lie in the produce aisle. New research shows that women who get the most vitamin C from their diets have smoother, moister, more youthful looking skin.

British researchers surveyed the dietary habits of over 4,000 American women (ages 40-74) then deployed a team of dermatologists to examine subjects’ skin. Not only did the study find more signs of aging — wrinkles, dryness, thinning skin — among those with lower vitamin C intakes, a high-fat diet also tended to make women look old for their age.

Why might this be? The body needs vitamin C to spur skin cell turnover and collagen formation. Too much fat often goes hand-in-hand with too much sugar, which attaches to proteins in the bloodstream to form advanced glycation endproducts, toxins that age skin by accelerating cell oxidation, triggering inflammation, and hardening collagen and elastin fibers.

Though roughly 40% of Americans fall short on vitamin C, it’s easy — and delicious — to get over 100% from our featured recipe, “Guacamole Pina” or from the food sources listed below.

Source (one cup) Labeling RDA %
Red Bell Pepper 340%
Kiwi Fruit 273%
Orange Juice 207%
Broccoli, cooked 169%
Brussels Sprouts 161%
Strawberries 141%
Pineapple 140%

BONUS: Increasing vitamin C helped dieters metabolize 30% more fat during exercise, according to one Arizona State University study.

Published September 1, 2008



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