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Who We Are, How We Operate, Around the Globe

Have you ever wondered who grows, harvests, ships and packages the wonderful, nutritious Dole fruit and vegetables you and your family enjoy? Well, let’s introduce you! This marvelous new video takes you on a trip around the world, where you’ll meet a Dole farmer in the Philippines, a worker at a Dole Frozen Fruit Plant in Atwater, California, a Dole captain of our containerized shipping fleet — plus teachers and doctors from schools and hospitals Dole has created around the world to support the local communities where we farm. This new video gives you a global view of who we are as employees and as a company — and shows the pride we share in bringing you the healthiest foods on earth.

This new video also highlights some of Dole’s sustainability initiatives — such as minimizing refrigerants, water conservation and improving energy efficiency. Such a video wouldn’t be complete without a feature on Dole’s leadership in nutrition education. Check out the other videos also showcased on Dole TV, ranging from interviews with health experts to cooking videos to celebrities sharing their diet and lifestyle tips.

 Published August 1, 2010

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