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For many years, our 5 A Day Cookbook has been our most coveted publication — most frequently requested as a donation, in addition to the roughly 50,000 we sell each year. Despite this popularity, we had to admit the cookbook itself was looking more than a bit dated. That’s why we decided to create a brand new Dole Kids’ Cookbook with fresh recipes that take the nutrition value up a notch, and fanciful, collage-style artwork by multiple award-winning children’s book illustrator Gail Armstrong.

Cooking healthy meals with your children is one of the most effective (and least contentious) ways to instill good eating habits with long-lasting benefits. Parents will find a number of nutritious and delicious meals that capture kids’ imagination while tantalizing their taste buds. We’ve incorporated plenty of fruits and vegetables in each recipe to help make sure young chefs get the nutrition they need.

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Published September 1, 2011

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