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Free with Purchase of DNI Portobello Mushroom Powder

August 1, 2011

Headlines about the health benefits of vitamin D jump out of newspapers on a near daily basis, yet much confusion remains. How much vitamin D do we need? How much sunlight will produce adequate vitamin D — and under what conditions? What food sources provide vitamin D (Hint: See last month’s newsletter for the launch of our revolutionary Portobello Mushroom Powder). In our newly published Vitamin D: The Sunshine Nutrient brochure we answer all these questions, and provide more info, such as:

  • Quiz to Determine Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Roundup of Disease Risks of Vitamin D Deficiency
  • Recipe for High “D” Hummus
  • Card-sized Vitamin D Quick Reference Guide, detachable for wallet

As with our popular “Healthiest Foods” booklet, you can go to to order your copy of the Vitamin D brochure for 99 cents — OR receive a complimentary copy with your purchase of a large bottle of Dole Nutrition Institute Portobello Mushroom Powder (enter code BOOKLET at checkout). Watch our informational video here or check out our amazing interview with Dr. James Dowd, author of The Vitamin D Cure.




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