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Food Lion Store Brand Super Sale | Tomato Sauce only 4¢, Cat Food 15¢, Yogurt 24¢! Print

.food lion super sale foodlion-store-brand-super-sale

The Food Lion Store Brand Super Sale is in full swing and you Food Lion veterans know what that means….. SUPER cheap Canned Goods, Yogurt, Pasta and more!  This sale goes through October 1st,  so we still have plenty of time to scout around and come up with awesome deals.  (See more Food Lion Deals going on this week)

I finally made it over last night to do some shopping and price checking.   My favorite deal was the Tomato Sauce for $.04 each – I’ll be using that for Chili and Taco Soup all winter!    Check out the rest of my Food Lion Super Sale trip:

Buy X amount of Food Lion brands ~ Get a coupon for $$ off your next order:



Here’s what I bought, and the price I paid after you take into account $.25 savings per item:

  • My Essentials Tomato Sauce $.29  = $.04 ea
  • Home 360 Cat Food Tins $.40 = $.15 ea
  • My Essentials Yogurt $.49 = $.24 ea
  • Food Lion Cornbread Mix $.59 = $.34 ea
  • Various Food Lion Canned Goods $.75 = $.50 ea

Helpful Hints:

Last year I stocked up on items like mac & cheese, chili beans, tuna, yogurt and other very cheap items.  You’re basically getting $.25 off anything that’s included in the select Food Lion brands.   Here are some more items to keep in mind that will be a good price:

My Essentials Yogurt
My Essentials Canned Goods
My Essentials Salad Dressing (On sale BOGO this week!)
My Essentials Cooking Spray (On sale BOGO this week!)
My Essentials Ketchup or BBQ Sauce
My Essentials Mustard
My Essentials Bread, Hot dog/hamb buns
My Essentials Grape jelly
My Essentials Peanut butter
My Essentials cereals
My Essentias water 24 pk .5 liter bottles
My Essentials Soda 12 pk

Home 360 foil
Home 360 party cups
Home 360 Sandwich Bags
Home 360 plates


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