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Diabetes Diaries

Yesterday I found out I have Type 2 Diabetes.  I was pretty pissed off. In fact, I was a mess of emotions.  I was sad, mad, frustrated, scared and annoyed.  What I wasn’t, really, was  surprised.

Second Line Parade Umbrellas and Hankies

After 15 months of planning a destination wedding, I am finally watching everything come together the week before the big day.

Savory Smoothie Bowl

I’m still having a love affair over Smoothie Bowls. They’re such a simple way to spoon an entire meal. Soup like, you know, but none of the cooking time.

Mistakes New Moms Make When Trying To Get Back In Shape

This post is sponsored by Thumbtack. Hi, guys! I have a new service to tell you about called Thumbtack.

Friday Favorites Pumpkin Spice Almonds in my Purse

Hello! How was your week? Anyone else super ready for the weekend? I am super duper ready. Yesterday I hung out at my mom’s and had dinner with my little brother Matt.

Storing Apples and Slow Cooker Apple Sauce

If you go for apple picking, you probably use them for more than just snacking.

Friday Favorites + Reader Survey Results

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you had a pleasant week! Lincoln’s been fighting a nasty cold he picked up from the nursery during my first MOPS meeting last week (can you say Mommy-guilt?) which he promptly gave

Lovable Labels Sale September 19-21

School is back in full swing. So what does that mean for all of your kids stuff? Hopefully it doesn’t mean that it is getting lost.

Bouqs – Straight from the Volcano to You #BOUQLOVE

I was provided flowers from in exchange for this post. All thoughts are my own. You have something special coming up.. Anniversary, Birthday, Wedding, or Baby coming..

Birthday Celebration at Kimball Farm

My wonderful and amazing sister turned 34 years old young today! (I still think it’s sort of crazy that we both have kids now! Haha!) Q and I drove out to Kimball Farm to celebrate with her along with my mom, grandmoth